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Originally Posted by Eric View Post

You can create menus using this method if you'd like: It might be faster than creating the menus yourself.

Working with a subdirectory is basically the same as working with a regular domain name.


It seems to be good, so I can save lot of my time.. I will be glad if you would have given me this link before, since I have spent so much time creating categories, menus in my wordpress..

a) is this works only with Twenty ten theme or any theme? and I dont need to create categories, menus, sub-menus myself in wordpress at all if I followed ur above link....? (for sub-directory too.. ?)

b) Im using some plugin and so Iam able to dosplay menu items in a better looking way, so if I use ur technique, does other plugins work for me?

Subdirectory doubts:
a) Do I really need to use datafeedr plugin inside my sub-drectory or no need?

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