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Default Automatice Update Failed - reducing packet size

Store ID: 41532
Website URL:
URL to page in question: N/A - please see problem description below

I received e-mail with following description indicating that automatic update couldn't be completed. I have looked in your documentation/support and it discusses reducing packet sizes to 500. I completed this and few days later I receive following e-mail. I then reduced packet size to 350. A few days later I still receive following message.

I also have created the temp directory as discussed your video.

Also, for what it's worth, I updated the plugin a few weeks ago.

Can you please help,

E-mail message..............................

This is to inform you that the automatic update on your website ( has failed. Please see the error message(s) below:

-Update blocked by another process (more info:

Technical details:
plugin/plugin:152 view=()
app/tracker:88 added referer=( id=(278)
app/response:6 out: error=(no_view)
unlink /home/content/81/8864681/html/golf/wp-content/uploads/store/tmp/dfr_dc14d6285374265fad00f0a7c3582003
unlink /home/content/81/8864681/html/golf/wp-content/uploads/store/tmp/dfr_dc14d6285374265fad00f0a7c3582003.1
unlink /home/content/81/8864681/html/golf/wp-content/uploads/store/tmp/dfr_dc14d6285374265fad00f0a7c3582003.ungz
app/update:156 UPDATE FAILED
ERROR:err_update_blocked(status=read lock=7288-fe229d4c88220d12f35cb04ea0462885 since=1347) line=152

URL: /index.php

Thank you