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Default The automatic update on my website has failed


I received this e-mail:

This is to inform you that the automatic update on your website ( has failed. Please see the error message(s) below:

-Downloaded file not readable (more info:

Technical details:
core/db:28 init_db: mysqli(wpdb)=0
plugin/plugin:152 view=(category)
app/tracker:61 track: no referrer
app/pagecache:86 cache: cleanup 0 files
ERRORskip) Undefined variable: pcount (/home/escapar3/public_html/wp-content/plugins/datafeedr/datafeedr.php(3765) : eval()'d code:88)()
app/update:103 BEGIN: status=read
app/update:156 UPDATE FAILED
ERROR:err_read_unreadable() line=152

And I read the part of "more information" which in turn sent me this video tutorial to solve the problem " = yt # videotop "everything is very clear in the video, the problem is that when I went to the tab" Directory "within wordpress and look for the option "Backup Directory" for the procedure, I found that it was empty.

So, I really don't know to do, and the question is how can you fix this problem? and it wouldn't erase all the descriptions of the products? (Because today I finished to translate all their english descriptions to spanish descriptions... this is just a doubt)

Thank you for your help!
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