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Default Datafeedr Plugin 0.9.95 Released

Version 0.9.95 is now ready for download. This version included a few WP2.5 integration tweaks, a bug fix and a few really cool features!

1. Now you can add multiple products to your WordPress Posts or Pages. We've included 2 mini-templates that you can use to left align and right align your product within your post. See screenshot below.

2. You can also add 1 or more products to HTML modules, product block modules and category listing modules.

3. We've replaced the old WYSIWYG text editor with the new version that WordPress uses by default. It feels a lot easier to use and is less cluttered.

To upgrade, download the newest version of the plugin and follow the upgrade instructions. This is the upgrade from 0.9.92 to 0.9.95 so you want to make sure that you follow the special instructions that pertain to this specific upgrade.

If you have any questions about how to upgrade or any changes that were made, please post them here.