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Originally Posted by yankeestonk View Post
This is going to sound dumb but can I put the share this stuff directly into the product detail module in datafeedr?
Yes, that's possible. Just insert the plugin shortcode into the product detail module where you want the bar to appear.

Originally Posted by yankeestonk View Post
Do you know if I disable Jetpack and find out later that I needed it for something on the site, can I just enable it again and have all the same settings? I wrote to Jetpack yesterday and haven't heard back. I'd like to try disabling everything you say but I'm not sure if they are needed in my theme, since I didn't put them there. My developer is very hard to get a hold of and often his answers are more questions and him being in India I have to ask a question, wait until the next day and find out I just got a question back. It's frustrating.
Each plugin works in a different way so it's difficult to tell whether you will lose settings or not.

If your developer has installed these plugins for you he must be able to tell you why he did install these specific plugins and what functionality these plugins are adding to your site and what would happen if you deactivate a plugin.

If you want to be sure you don't lose anything start by making a backup of your database before doing anything else.