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that's amazing that you just wrote that. ;0) I was trying to do some research by looking at other datafeedr sites in the forum here. I found one that looks really nice and was using the add this widget instead of easy share. I looked up and down and there were no og tags on the page. Never having heard of OG tags before I thought they were necessary. I guess not.

I have to try and explain this to the guy who made my site. Are OG tags static? I mean are they like regular meta tags for say title, description etc? Can they be just removed from the theme if they were indeed there to begin with? This is very confusing and I can't seem to find anyone who knows about this. I'm left with researching it and telling them what to do. Which stinks big time since until last week I had no idea these tags even existed.

Does datafeedr add an OG tags?

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