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Still trying to get this Share This bar to work. Right now it seems to be giving the correct description of the page it's on, but no image. While I work on other stuff could this code in the product detail be causing the problem by serving up the thumbnail image? ( <div class="thmb"> ) I'm guessing that it's correct as it is, but was wondering if there is another way to do it so the image displayed is at least 200 x 200 pixels? (as you know facebook won't accept images smaller than that.

<!-- Detail Heading -->
<h2>Product Details:</h2>
<!-- /Detail Heading -->

<!-- Single Product -->
<div class="sp">
<div class="bdr">
<div class="lc">
<div class="thmb">
<a href="[product.url direct='0']" title="[]" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">
[product.image tag='1']
<div class="rc">
<h2><a href="[product.url direct='0']" title="[]" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">[]</a></h2>

<?php if ($product->saleprice > 0 && $product->saleprice < $product->price) { ?>
<div class="prc">