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Great! ;0(

Thanks for checking it. I've been trying to get someone (paid) to fix the issue and I'm being told that I need extensive coding done. One says they need to add "hooks" that will be time consuming and complicated. The other is suggesting that because the share bar is in the foot area that's why it's not working. Neither makes sense to me but I keep shelling out money and getting no results. (just requests for more money!)

I know you don't support widgets, and any advice you give on this stuff isn't guaranteed as you're not an expert on every widget out there, but given what you said above, what would you do if it were your site? I can't see any settings in Yoast or in Jetpack that I can turn off the OG tags. It may be in there but I can't find it. Should I just turn one off? I'm thinking the Yoast SEO but I'd really appreciate your opinion.