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Default DFR problems

On the following page:
I use the DFR
but the page is empty!
Even Category 627923 has over 500 products.

I use the same custom view on this page
and everything is fine.

This is only an example!
I run into this problem across all my stores.
Sometimes it helps, when I create another custom view (same settings, only different name e.g Kategorie1) and the DFR is showing. Sometimes it doesnt work at all and I need to set it to a search result instead of category result.

This is a constant on and off thing. One day results are there (like they used to be on only yesterday)
and the next day the page is empty, without doing anything neither on the wordpress nor on datafeedr.

As you imagine, this is really annoying! I would actually need to check every single page on every single store, that involves DFR, on a daily basis, to see if it is still working.

Shop number in this case is 32900.
If you want ftp/wordpress login, please let me know.