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Hi Kev,

You could always add a couple of queries and add those to theme's functions.php file. But, there might be way more merchants and or brands than you might anticipate:

Here's one that could work for your merchants. You can do the same thing for brands.

PHP Code:
function dfr_get_merchants() {
$merchants $wpdb->get_results("SELECT merchant FROM ".$wpdb->prefix."dfr_shop_products GROUP BY merchant");
$list = array();
    foreach (
$merchants as $merchants)
$list[] = $merchants->merchant;

Then you could add something like this in your views:

PHP Code:
foreach (
$merchants as $merchant) {
'<li><a href="[server.url type=\'fullpage\' query=\''.$merchant).'\']">'.$merchant).'</a></li>';
You might need to tweak that to meet your needs but it should get you in the ballpark.