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Question Is my merchantlink hyjacked ???

Something weird....

I'm installing a testshop and see some strange behavoir when pressing some buttons:

See the site on

In the tagcloud I click on "Backpacks". The Datafeedr code in this page is the default code, no changes.
Be aware that the code for the productlist on the homepage and category pages are heavenly changed.

I choose the first product "Adidas Team Speed Backpack" for testing
The link "behind" title, image and details-button is

When I click on the buy button I may expect I go to the page of the merchant: SHOEBUY.COM
The link behind the buy-button is:
But to my big surprise I end on page
Clearly NOT my website and I am pretty sure this site will not bring me money at all.

Any suggestion what's going wrong here? Are they hyjacking my affiliate links?
Is this something on my pc or on my server or.....?