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Default multiple landing pages?

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Ok, starting to get the hang of this!

I've got the main landing page working fairly well. Still have more to learn. But I need an overall grasp of what I can and can't do with datafeedr...

1. Can I have a "main" compare page like AND also have a "hottest clubs" page? In other words can I set up the compare page to search anything, and a hottest clubs page where the results that show on the landing page are either products I select as hottest, or that the program automatically selects based on the most search results from the main page?

2. Can I set up a basic shop by retailer page, where the retailers automatically come up? or is that something I would just manually do?

I have another more specific question on a search function I'll ask in another thread

3. One retailer's logo is not showing up in the results. "TGW" (the golf warehouse.) It just says the name under the product. That seems to me to most likely be a question for them and not something in datafeedr since the other retailer logos do show up?

Thanks Eric.