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Default Merchant's product images not showing in new store

Store ID: 47410
Website URL:

Thought I'd have a break from working on so decided to put up a DFR of scifi & fantasy products on my own name's domain, sitting on the Internet doing nothing much for a coupla years.

The Shareasale merchant is Things From Another World ( & when setting up this store, I've duplicated most of the DFR tech stuff from However, the images aren't displaying on the homepage, product detail or category pages.

I carried out both processes for image display; firstly your Factory default store/image/%pi/%ps/ and store/thumbnail/%pi/%ps/. Then the locally stored version as per my recent thread where you helped me. Neither worked in this instance.

I've set the site back to default URLs for now. Any idea where I've gone astray? Or is something set wrong with this merchant's datafeed?

Hope you can help find the problem.

PS For now, I haven't changed [product.thumbnail] to [product.image] in store views but I don't think that's affecting image display. They are reasonable sizes.
PPS When I stored images locally, they didn't download into appropriate folders on my site; not a one.