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A workaround is to test on category ID and then specify a unique title for that ID.

1. To find the ID of a category just click on a category name in the Factory and look in the URL. The category ID is the number following cat=.

2. Then go to The Factory > Your Store > VIEWS > CATEGORY PAGE > Default > View menu > View <head> Elements

3. Replace <title>[] - Vintage Shopper</title> with the code below.

In example below a unique title has been specified for 3 categories with IDs 123, 456 and 789. The other categories follow the default. Adjust the code to your needs.

<?php if ($category->id==123){ ?>
           <title> xxxxxxxxx - Vintage Shopper</title>

<?php } elseif ($category->id==456) { ?>
           <title> yyyyyyyyy - Vintage Shopper</title>

<?php } elseif ($category->id==789) { ?>
           <title> zzzzzzzzz - Vintage Shopper</title>

<?php } else { ?>
           <title>[] - Vintage Shopper</title>
<?php } ?>