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In the video tutorial it mentions watching the video on adding sale items. Can you give me the link to that video? Am I correct that this video will explain how to have sale prices be displayed on the "regular" search results that display in both search box searches and categories already set up? I noticed when making my comparison sets that some of the products are offered at a lower price (on sale) than are displayed in the results. So you click on an item that says it's $249 and it shows a sale price of $199. Would adding sale prices to the results fix this in most cases, or is that just something the merchants didn't update in their feed?

On the sale page that I'm trying to create...doing what the video says won't affect the pages/categories etc. that are already up right? This is JUST a page of sale items and will only show up on a page that I link it to?

ugh. I'm so lost.

Thanks much.