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One additional question...

In some categories, it doesn't show the brands and merchants, because I added the products to the subcategory and not the parent category. To overcome this problem, I want to add the category ids to the code in the view page. However, I can't seem to get multiple id's in a proper way. I use the following code for 1 ID, but I also want to add the ID's "994434", "994435" and "994436." How should I implement that?

<form method="get">
<p style="font-family: Play; font-size: 18px; margin-bottom: 10px;">Selecteer merk</p><select name="brand">
<?php echo dfr_get_brands($cat_ids='994433'); ?>

<p style="font-family: Play; font-size: 18px; margin-bottom: 10px; margin-top: 10px;">Selecteer webshop</p><select name="merchant_id">
<?php echo dfr_get_merchants($category_id='994433'); ?>
<p style="margin-bottom: 20px;"></p>
<input type="submit" value="Zoeken" />


Thanks in advance!!

EDIT: this is for the page "Veiligheid" which can be seen at:

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