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Default Creating SEO Pages from filtered category views


I have been following the tutorial here
(great job - thanks!)

and got everything working OK but I am now thinking about how to get those filtered store category pages optimised and indexed.

This is a golf site so as an example I have a category of "Drivers" in the store that contains all mens golf drivers and then I allow it to be filtered by brand so you can get a page that is, e.g Callaway Drivers and that is the term I want to be in search results for.

The filtered pages do not seem to appear in the store sitemap and it would be great to get a list of them somehow. I could produce a manual index page to provide links to all the filtered pages I want covered and get them indexed that way, but that would ned constantly maintaining. I would also like to optimise the category/brand pages more.

I have used Eric's code to generate a dynamic <title> tage and page heading but really need to add more SEO content - meta description and keywords (for what they are worth), page description (about callaway drivers), callaway drivers image etc. and do not think there will be a way to do that in datafeedr without creating a lot more views.

One thought is to somehow add section image and description code to a single view but make it dynamic, so that it will automatically insert the brand name in appropriate places, a bit like the title, but I have no idea how to do it. Same with image, could dynamically generate an image name and Alt Tag with the brand in it and I could then create an image file and upload with the appropriate name so it will show.

If it can be done dynamically, it would keep these product/brand pages in line with the store and build new ones as new categories / brands / products appear in the store.

A different approach is to manually create wordpress pages for each of my target category/brand combination and add optimised content manually, then use a DFR shortcode to list the relevant products from the store. This is more work but gives much better control of the content plus does give a static page to aim incoming links at, appears in the main navigation, sitemap etc. The downside is that the pages are not being generated from the current live store (althought the products are) so if a brand is added or removed in the live store it will not reflect in these pages.

I can get the shortcode for showing the whole category products list working, e.g.
to list all the drivers
but I somehow need to get it filtered for just the callaway brand as well.

I have tried
but no success.
Is it possible to use two parameters on a shortcode and if so how would it work?

I would be very interested in anyone's thoughts on this.