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Originally Posted by Eric View Post
Regarding the children of 17 and Datafeedr, that's how it will work. Datafeedr cats get appended after wp_list_pages() is finished getting built.
The problem I have is, that I have a page:
that only is supposed to call
<?php wp_list_pages('title_li=&child_of=17'.$post->ID.'&date_format=$date_format'); ?>
Which means only pages, that are child of page 17.
The only available page is
which is shown on top of the results as "Rotweine", but below I also get all datafeedr categories, which are not child of page 17.

The datafeedr categories show on each and every page/post that is calling wp_list_pages, regardless of the child_of.

Is there a way to fix this, or can I simply not append Datafeedr to primary menu when I have pages/posts that call wp_list_pages?