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Default Search for Product Name in Advance Search Widget

Hi All,

I have gone through the widgets looking for a Search Widget that would only search for words in the product name.

What would the coding be for the below Advance Search widget?

Also, I should also ask for the coding for "Brand" and "Product Description"




<div class="store_search_form">
<p class="keyword">
<label for="word">Keyword</label> [search.word]
<p class="merchant">
<label for="merchant">Merchant</label> [search.merchant]
<p class="tag">
<label for="tags">Tags</label> [search.tags]
<p class="price">
<label for="price">Price</label> [search.selectprice options='any, cheap(-50), $50 - $100, $100 - $150, more than $150 (150+)']
<p class="button">[search.submit title='Find it!']</p>