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Exclamation Store Completely Broken - WordPress Network setup

I have my V3 stores in Wordpress Network setup - separate Wordpress blogs on subdomains, these subdomains mapped to real domains. So far I had no problems whatsoever (maybe this is the reason why my v1 shops URLs were not redirecting, but that is not a problem for me, I had very recent shops.)

After upgrading to version 3.02.3008 all my shops that are in a network are broken. Only the MAIN shop (the hub of the network - that has its own domain without subdomains and mapping) is woking properly. I tried reseting the shop, then updating it again completely, but no luck.

This is what I see:
~~~~~~ ~~~~~~
Welcome to our Store!

You can put a unique description here by logging into the Factory, going to your store, going to Views > Store Front Page > Default and editing the first Text module.

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Fatal error: Class 'Yo' not found in /home/totpeti/public_html/wp-content/plugins/datafeedr/datafeedr.php(1981) : eval()'d code on line 23

Any ideas?
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