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OK, this reason for the error is because of a piece of code you have in one in your Merchant Filter View.

Basically, you have an unescaped apostrophe within code wrapped in apostrophes.

This line:
  <li><a href="[server.url type='fullpage' query='merchant=Merchant's Name']">Merchant Name</a></li>
(I'll send you the real code by PM)

Basically, you have this:
[server.url type='fullpage' query='merchant=Merchant's Name']

But you will need to remove the apostrophe like this:
[server.url type='fullpage' query='merchant=Merchants Name']

We are looking at addressing this issue in our code but for now, you'll just have to remove the apostrophe. I would probably just do this:
[server.url type='fullpage' query='merchant=Merchant']

Once you edit your view code, update your store and the error should go away.