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Question How can a CDN domain be used for images?

We'd like to store the product image and thumbnails locally, but have them served via an 'origin pull' Content Distribution Service. For example, if I set the image URL to %li for 'local image', it uses: , as expected. However, what I really want is:

I tried, but that just gives:

I know I can have the URLs rewritten easily enough - for example by using Apache mod_substitute, but as that does a response-global search & replace it needs to buffer the entire response before returning it rather than being able to stream is as normal.
Plugins like WC Total cache can also rewrite URLs appropriately for a CDN, but I don't know how they interact with the Datafeedr plugin or if they will also cause output buffering to be enabled.

Is there a way to achieve it by editing the DF templates locally?

If not, then this is a feature request: please add some codes such as %lip - local image path and %ltp - local thumbnail path.