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When I made these changes on 7/30 everything looked good. I followed the steps word for word, and updated my products and settings.

Tonight, browsing through my store when I click on any of my items I get a blank page, no image nor descriptions. If I click on the Buy button it takes me to the publisher page to buy. What's going on?


Why am i having such a hard time using this software?? This is beyond frustrating!!! Can I just give someone a wireframe of how I want my store to look, then I'll just manage what products I want to carry and have someone manage the back-end of this plugin??

1. 10,000+ Canonicals notices. I've tried a ton of different things to fix my canonicals, still getting over 10,000 canonical notices through SEO Moz.

2. I now have over 3400 not found 404 errors in webmaster

I really need some answers and hopefully someone can help!

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