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Originally Posted by ayorofrance View Post
Hi Daniel,

I have sub-second response times (testing with on a shared bluehost hosting account for my sites...

I use W3Total Cache, Cloudfront and Amazon Pull CDN. This is for merchants that do allow image caching...

I might write up the process for Performance Optimization some day, but for now look at my post above for more info...


thank you so much for your great tips. I seem to have a load time of 4.47s on a shop category page That must go faster, otherwise I am afraid the shop is going to fail.

WHich of you 450 post should I specificly look at?

I am on a shared hosting plan here in The Netherlands. Shouldn't I be using Cloud services that are hosted in mainland europe for quicker hosting?

Are you willing to help me out on the whole process?

Many many thanks


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