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Default Need some help with searching products

Hi guys!

I'm trying to add products from and via Adrecord.

It seems to be some problem with "numbers" "," and "-" if they appear in the product name.

I want to add all 2-seated sofas in a category. Then i'll search product name with the phrase "2-sits". None of the sofas with the phrase "2-sits" in their product name appears in the search results, but sofas with "2,5-sits" does.

And, many other products with the number "2" and "2,5" also appears. Then i'll try to do an exact match for a "2-sits" and i get only 1 result. Notice the space between the hyphen and the number "2 -sits" of the product name in the result.

And, if i do a search for "2,5-sits" i get only one result, and it's a totally different product.

Very strange...

Any ideas how i can manage this?


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