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Im not sure if that solved the problem and i think it caused a new problem. The store wont update now. I get this error

bgupdate: START
bgupdate: BEGIN (ok:0:1:0)
bgupdate: send (wait:1:1:0)
download: using curl (
ERROR: fopen(/home/totallyt/public_html/tmp/dfrtmp_f5470e157a00d9a8ea3f3b5e5f950e0e) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Disk quota exceeded () error:871,call.updater.download_shop_update_chunk: 760,bgupdate:0,call_user_func_array:864,call..bgup date:3713
bgupdate: memory: 0 time: 0.001
bgupdate: FAILED
bgupdate: FAIL: download error

The images are also not importing

**Ignore this it must have adjusted disk space and had to allocate more

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