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OK, for the meta tags...

Basically, the extra double quote is appearing because some of your product names have double quotes in them.

Anyway, they can easily be filtered out.
  1. Log into the Factory
  2. Go into your store
  3. Go to VIEWS > PRODUCT DETAIL > Default
  4. Go to the View menu > View <head> Elements
  5. Delete everything that is there.
  6. Paste the following code into the textarea:
    $product_name = str_replace('"', '', $product->name);
    $category_name = str_replace('"', '', $category->name);
    <title>[] | [] | </title>
    <meta name="description" content="[product.description]" />
    <meta name="keywords" content="<?php echo str_replace(' ', ',',$product_name); ?>,<?php echo str_replace(' ', ',',$category_name); ?>" />
  7. Save
  8. Update store.

Basically, that removes all double quotes from the product name and category name, then replaces any spaces with commas to generate your meta keyword values.