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Originally Posted by mkane View Post
On my template for the store front page I specified:

 <p class="desc">[product.description cut='255 chars']</p>
but for some reason it insists of only displaying a maximum of 70 characters, sometimes only 54 ?? - In the old version longer text used to ' wrap around ' the image - does that not work anymore ?
You're right, it's being cut off by the template.

Originally Posted by mkane View Post
also, my inidividual product pages ( all pages for that matter ) have the following in the source code :

<link rel='index' title='site name' href='' />
( I changed the actual names to protect the innocent
can that be changed to :

<link rel="canonical" href='' />
I do not believe that <link rel='index' is being added by Datafeedr. Your theme or another plugin may be generating that code.

As for adding a canonical link to your pages, you can do that by adding this
<link rel="canonical" href="[server.url type='fullpage']" />.

To add that, go to the pages (under VIEWS) where you want to make that <link> appear, then go to the View menu > View <head> Elements. There you can add the canonical code.

Originally Posted by mkane View Post
and lastly :

for some reason the keyword meta tag generates an ' extra ' " symbol. i.e.

<meta name="keywords" content=""kw1,kw2,kw3....>
What's the page name and the shop ID that this is occurring on?