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That's going to require a lot of HTML and CSS changes to your store... far beyond the scope of support we're able to provide.

I would recommend doing the following:

1. Find an WooCommerce theme that looks like polyvore. Here's a few sites with WC themes:

2. Once you have found a WC theme that you like, sign up for our API and use our

3. If you need to have Amazon products in your WooCommerce store + other affiliate network products, just use what we suggest here.

I think by doing that you will be able to find the design that you like without having to do the HTML and CSS yourself or hiring a developer to do it for you.

If you decide to go this route, please let us know and we can cancel and refund your payment for the Factory product you purchased this month.

Lastly, here's the difference between the 2 products we offer: