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Default problems with brand filter

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Hi Eric,

as mentioned before I don't receive the result for handbags of "Versace" if I click the brand filter "Versace" (= MARKEN FILTER - HANDTASCHEN). That's what I forgot to mention to you.
The Versace handbag shows up in the category handbag but it needs to show up from the brand filter "Versace".

I saved the following search for the category "handbags"
Keyword: "Handtasche" NOT "Koffer" (= handbags NOT suitecase)
Price: from 30.00
Nodups: 1

You said that this would be redundant. Why? I just named the category and saved the search. Isn't that correct?

The Versace bag shows up in the category handbag but not when I use the filter "Versace".
I hope you can bring me back on track again.