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Default ERROR: - automatic update not working?

I just signed up to Datafeedr, and set up my first store in the factory successfully, Then I installed the plugin on my Wordpress site, and entered the connection key also successfully. But then there is no “update store” button. Underneath Quick update there is no “update store” button. What is the problem?

So I download the store and upload it manually and it works perfectly

Now I get this message becauce the automatic update does not work:

ERROR: - Cannot download store data,
Technical details:
track: added referer=( id=(3421)
auto_update: START
bgupdate: START
bgupdate: INI ok:0:1:0
bgupdate: SND wait:1:1:0
download: using curl (
ERROR: fopen() [function.fopen]: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 584 is not allowed to access /var/www/tmp owned by uid 504 () error:845,call.updater.download_shop_update_chunk: 734,bgupdate:0,call_user_func_array:838,call..bgup date:3591
bgupdate: memory: 0 time: 0.001
bgupdate: FAILED
remote_update: FAIL: download error
auto_update: err_download

My web host says there are PHP's cURL extension installed and allow_url_fopen set to true on the server. But is it true? Or have I made a mistake?

My store id: 31599
my url:

Thanks - Thomas