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Originally Posted by ccgmark View Post
Trying to update the store after making changes and it's not updating again

auto_update: begin
auto_update: download complete (/home/xxxx/dfrtmp_92526edeff23554de0b4aa1fb587a873)
ERROR: bad_download (bad_header) call:2924,update_from_path:2917,auto_update:2346,c md_auto_update:2298,run:2645
auto_update: end
Can you please provide a store ID with your issues. Store IDs will not expose any information about your website, domain, store or settings to anyone else. Thanks.

Originally Posted by ccgmark View Post
Eric, is there anyway in which you can make it so we can change the layout files in the plugin like we did in previous version. It seems a lot of hassle to try and update the layout in the factory then have to import the whole store each time when all you have done is moved an image location
In order to keep threads on topic, please post this in the V3 Feature Requests forum. Otherwise, it will just get lost in this troubleshooting thread.