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Originally Posted by jcvm27 View Post
. I followed your steps to "cache" the store info which could be a reason why my /tmp is running out of space. How do I increase the size of /tmp?
You have to ask your web host to do this.

Originally Posted by jcvm27 View Post
I will also follow the steps you meantion on the other thread to create a new directory but clarify for me where to create the directory. Is it going to be another /tmp directory? If this routine uses the /tmp directory is because the data can be deleted every so often. Now if I create a new directory, is the data written there going to be permanent and keep growing in size?
You can create the new directory anywhere. Usually, /tmp directories have only a small amount of allocated space whereas the directories within your public space have much more space. The data in the cache is never permanent and the cache files are always entirely deleted upon a store update.

Originally Posted by jcvm27 View Post
I understand I should create another directory in the same folder where I have /tmp is right now and name it for example /storetmp....right?
No, not the same folder as your /tmp directory. I would create a new folder in your /wp-content/uploads folder. That makes more sense.