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Default Datafeedr Plugin Update: 3.5.3808 is Available

Version 3.5 has been released. The release deals primarily with bulk operations. We also integrated a few new affiliate networks during the 3.5 release cycle.

- Added ability to add categories and category search subscriptions in bulk. (more info)
- Added ability to duplicate Views.
- Added ability to duplicate Categories.

- Fixed error in the plugin that manifested itself when the datafeedr database is incomplete or broken, with some tables missing.
- Made "if" tag work properly with additional parameters in the query string.
- Remove Amazon products from website which are removed from store.

New Networks:
- Commission Junction UK
- CommissionFactory Network
- Daisycon Belgium Network
- Daisycon Netherlands Network
- RevResponse Network
- TradeTracker Belgium Network

1. Upgrade the plugin to the newest version (instructions).
2. After your plugin is upgraded, you MUST click the [Update Products and Settings] button to update your store.