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OK, I think you are assuming that I have done a number of things I have not done. I'll tell you exactly what I have done:

I have created a custom view, added a product list to it, and then I pasted the following code into the view:


<a href="[]"><strong>[]</strong></a>
from <span style="color:#999;font-size:85%;font-style:italic;">[product.merchant]</span><br />
[coupon.description]<br />
<strong>Code:</strong> [coupon.code]<br />
<strong>Restrictions:</strong> [coupon.restrictions]<br />
<strong>Begin Date:</strong> [coupon.begin]<br />
<strong>End Date:</strong> [coupon.end]<br />

That is all that I have done. I have made no category for coupons, and I have found no option to filter anything at all in my custom view.