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Default Problems with merchant logos

Hey guys,

I asked if you could figure out why the logo for Karate Joes which I took from the website and uploaded myself to my merchant logo folder wasn't displaying. You answered by saying that you added the logo to the factory. I don't know what else you did, but after that I was able to use the self-made one just fine. It started working, but the one from the factory would NOT work. Doesn't matter, I'm just using the homemade one now, but now I'm having the same trouble with a couple other logos. It seems that making it myself and uploading it to the folder myself just doesn't work.

I have a feeling I'm gonna have the same trouble with other logos as I keep adding more, but I don't want to have to ask you about this every time. I don't know what the problem could be, but the two latest ones that won't work are MiniIntheBox and RevGearSports. If it goes like karate Joes went, when you add those logos I probably won't be able to use them, but then my homemade ones will work. I don't know, but I hope you can help. Thank you.