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Hi Daniel,

Sorry for not being clear: it's this post (further up this thread).

Hosting in main land europe as opposed to? US? UK?

All my sites are actually hosted in US even if most of them are european. Having said that you should get slightly fast load times if your hosting is in Europe (and your site is for Europe too).

Some people speculate that Google also likes if your site is hosted in the same country as your site targets.... I have no idea if that is true, but it sounds plausible...

My home page (DF store page with 9 products):

Category page (12 products):

Category page (48 products):

Note that - especially on shared hosting - you need to run the tests a few times...

The speeds shown above are the optimal times... i.e. this is what you could get if you have steady traffic to your site.

There are many factors that influence these results:
Shared hosting: the load on your server.
Traffic: If you don't have a lot of traffic your site will 'fall asleep' and the first request takes longer because stuff that might have been swapped out has to be reloaded etc.
Amazon CDN response times.
Network connection quality and load between the visitor and your hosting site.

... just to mention some...

So your end user will only see .7 sec load time if everything is running smoothly... but you know that you've done everything you can to squeeze the most out of your resources...

If you go for a more upmarket host you will see better and more constant response times...

What you need to do:
- Make sure your site is speed optimized with Datafeedr, e.g. store images, css etc locally if you can
- Make use of W3 Total Cache (or another caching plugin if you prefer)
- Make use of a CDN
- Make use of Cloudflare

That's your key to success...
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