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After thoroughly testing our options we thought we had everything in place to get started with the integration this month.

Today we noticed that one of the API calls we planned to use is no longer working!

So far we didn't get any solution or alternative from Zanox to replace this API call which is crucial in the way we wanted to integrate Zanox.

Let me try to explain the problem...

While in most networks you have one unique affiliate ID that works for all merchants you're approved for, Zanox automatically assigns per affiliate a unique tracking ID for each merchant in Zanox.

So if you're an affiliate of let's say 50 Zanox merchants you will have 50 (!) different tracking IDs.

That means we have to collect and store all these tracking IDs for each Datafeedr member who wants to use Zanox.

In theory not that difficult assuming the proper API calls are in place to pull in that information.

The above mentioned API call would return us these tracking IDs. But that call seems no longer to work for one reason or another.

I didn't get an answer yet from Zanox support whether this is final or only temporary nor did we get any workaround yet.

In any way if we don't succeed in integrating Zanox in Datafeedr version 3.x we'll make sure it will be possible to use Zanox feeds in Datafeedr version 4.

In Datafeedr version 4 you will be able to import your own feeds from the networks we currently support and of course any new networks we will add. However at this moment I can't give you an ETA yet.

As soon as I have more news I'll update this thread.