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Default Version 1.2 just released!


We've released a new version of the plugin which fixes a couple of bugs and adds a couple of features:

The main feature we've added is the ability to add your own products to your store. We realized this would be necessary after building a few stores for ourselves and realizing that some merchants don't have datafeeds (ie. not on but do have product links.

Now you can add those products to your store. You can add the following fields per product:
  • Name
  • Description
  • Link
  • Image URL
  • Thumbnail URL
  • Price
  • Category
  • Attributes

This should give you a lot more flexibility in adding products from merchants who don't have datafeeds.

Another feature we've added is Datafeedr's 'Latest News' to the main Datafeedr options page in your wp-admin. Now you can keep track of the merchants we are adding as well as any plugin updates from your admin control panel.

You can now see product prices when viewing your product list at Datafeedr > Products in your wp-admin.

This release also fixes some formatting and clarification issues regarding Directory Names and Custom URL Rewrite Values on the Store Options page.

This also fixes bugs related to WP 2.6 changes to the way they pull serialized data from the database.

Download here: