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benjaffer March 6th, 2014 05:05 AM

Hi. I've noticed that storeya takes the products from my datafeedr factory categories in order. So it basically takes all the products from my first category, then the second, third, etc and places them in facebook. I'm with the free version (50 products) so it always takes the same products, which keeps the facebook page the same almost all the times. And since I can only use one currency with storeya I have to be careful with what products I have in the first category.

What I'm thinking is to create a category that contains 50 products only and place it at the top of my categories and change this category contents regularly. But how is it possible to create such category and not have it show up in my site front page? Would hiding the category do this, but storeya would still see it and take it to facebook?

stefan March 6th, 2014 01:31 PM

Unfortunately hiding a category is not a solution. Only 'normal' categories will be exported to StoreYa - no 'hidden' categories.

We always recommend setting up a separate store just for import into StoreYa but that would mean - as you currently have a 1 site plan - you have to upgrade to a multiple store plan (5 or unlimited).

Or you can upgrade to a paid Storeya subscription so you can import more products into your Facebook page. You can save 25% at StoreYa with the code: Datafeedr_Coupon

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