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Eric January 27th, 2009 01:04 PM

Version 1.4.4 released
We've added a few more 'behind the scenes' features to the newest version of the plugin. The following changes have been made.
  • made all product variables available in the templates. Now the following are available from within the templates that display products.
    • $product['id']
    • $product['name']
    • $product['link']
    • $product['description']
    • $product['price']
    • $product['merchant']
    • $product['category_id']
    • $product['image']
    • $product['thumbnail']
    • $product['visible']
    • $product['network']
    • $product['dripped']
    • $product['custom']
  • added support for caching images for faster page load time
  • added HTTP class to handle accessing images in 'mask image url' mode.
  • added JS to resize images when browser is IE6/Windows due to IE6 being unable to resize via CSS in some cases
A new file has been added to the /dfr/ directory so you must ensure that that file gets included when you upgrade.

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