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jcvm27 February 21st, 2012 05:03 PM

Add Sales Price (discounted) in Search Page results
Is it possible to show the sales price of the product in the search page results...this is the current code in that page..I just want to do that to show if the product is in a UK store (Pounds sign) or US store (dollar sign). Now the search is for all and it does not differentiate if you can buy it in one store or another


<!-- Search Results -->
<div class="pl">
<div class="t3 col1">
<div class="bdr">
<div class="lc">
<div class="thmb"><a href="[]" title="[]">[product.thumbnail tag='1']</a></div>
<div class="rc">
<h2><a href="[]" title="[]">[]</a></h2>
<p class="desc">
<a href="[server.url query='view=search']?merchant=[product.merchant]" title="View all products from [product.merchant]">
<!-- took out this line to remove product merchant logo -->
[product.description cut='20 words']</p>
<div class="clearingdiv"> </div>
<div class="clearingdiv"> </div>
<!-- /Search Results -->

Eric February 21st, 2012 07:49 PM


The currency sign should be automatically handled if the merchant has declared the currency in their data feed.

Then you can use this snippet "Sale Price (if exists)" to add the sales price code.


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